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For System Admins and also the business owners, it’s very important to have the tools that enable you to control such a critical system, messaging system.
WorldPosta provides you with powerful control tools to accomplish a smart organization management with full customization to fit your requirements.


Manage Your Organization easily Via WorldPosta Control-Panel

Use WorldPosta Control panel and get a full users and groups management with the friendly user interface WorldPosta Controller, where you can add bulk of mailboxes in seconds, apply the policies on users and groups, allow and block certain domains, and manage the mobile used devices.

Full users management, Mailboxes monitoring, Huge Library of innovative policies.

More Control More Efficiency.
Manage your users and follow anywhere though Your mobile





Mail Approval

Mail Approval play a magical role in automating hierarchical team management, by applying this feature on certain employee and his Team Leader, the message sent by the employee will not reach the recipient till the Team Leader respond to the pop-up he will receive by choosing between “Approve” or “Reject” after reviewing the employee sent message.



Mobile Control

As user

While enjoying using multi fully synched mobile devices, you can manage all these devices by allowing a device and blocking the other to synch with WorldPosta system, also you can wipe your device if needed.



As Admin

Regarding some quality insurance standards, you can set customized policies on the used mobile devices, for example: setting a password with certain length, such policies guarantee a high level of security and control.

Organization Policies

Because each industry is unique and each organization has its special entity, WorldPosta creates your own policies upon your request to

fit your environment special requirements.This is in addition to all regular policies that you

ever met in any other email solution.





With WorldPosta Monitoring tools, you can monitor your team mailboxes, without Sign out and Sing in with another username and password, just by System Admin given privilege, access your team messages while using your email.






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