Privacy Policy

Please read this document carefully before using any of WorldPosta’s websites and/or service.

By continuing to use WorldPosta websites and services you hereby accept all terms of this Privacy Policy.

Updated on: 31st October 2017.

Changes of Privacy Policy


Collected Information

Unless you provided it to us, WorldPosta websites does not collect your personally identifiable information from your computer when you browse WorldPosta websites and request pages from our servers.

WorldPosta may use Cookies files to improve your experience. By your continued use of this site you accept such use.

When registering for a user account, WorldPosta may ask you to supply us with certain information about yourself by submitting an online form. Such information may include your name, phone number, credit card or other billing information, email address and home and business postal addresses.

Payment Information: When ordering products and services via WorldPosta website, you may be asked to provide certain a credit card number, account and/or billing and shipping information enabling the consummation of the transaction. The foregoing information is collected and processed by online payment services, including but not limited to merchant accounts services, which we may utilize for payment processing, including automatic subscription renewals. In addition, as noted below, minimum information is requested if you choose to subscribe to product updates.

Usage Details: WorldPosta may collect some usage details. These details may include factors such as: time of use, duration for use, pattern of use, features and tools usage, storage consumed by users, the volume of data transferred via our servers and platforms you use to access our services. These information will help us to enhance the service for our clients and to provide the standards that suits you.

Contents of your User Account: your emails, calendar entries, documents, tasks, to-do lists, and other data in our datacenters. We may also keep copies of your data to prevent any loss may be caused by any factor, your files may remain stored on our servers even after your account’s termination or deletion, we may use your contact information but we won’t share it with third party. We assure you that your account data won’t be disclosed to anyone, all of your data will not be even accessible to WorldPosta employees. We don’t use your information in any targeted advertisement purposes.

Security of your Information

Our systems security standards and practices are designed to secure during data collection and storage processing, also we protect the system against any type of unauthorized access.
Our security measures include using the best technologies to protect your data.
For more information about infrastructure security Click here
For more information about our security systems Click here

Third Party application and/or platform

WorldPosta service uses third party clients and/or application and/or platform, the information we allow to be collected by these third party applications are those necessary to use the service. Third party applications won’t collect your sensitive data; information collected by the third party application providers is governed by the provider’s privacy policies

Changes in the Privacy Policy

WorldPosta may modify this privacy policy without any further notification. If WorldPosta made any significant changes in this privacy policy statement that may affect your right, we may notify you.

For privacy related inquiries [email protected]