Be in control over your business mailboxes

Simplified yet effective Control Panel

WorldPosta® introducing the best Control Panel, enhanced and developed for IT personnel in your company to have full control over managing your employees’ user accounts.

Reviewing System

Prevent unwanted email from being sent to clients, partners, or even internally. With our mail approval system, ensure that email that should be reviewed before being sent gets approved by team leaders or management first.

Organizational Policies

We understand that each industry and company has a unique organizational structure and policies. That is why we also provide customized policies to fit your organization’s requirements and procedures upon request.


Administrators are provided with mailbox monitoring tools in their own accounts without the need to create an additional username and password. Access the mailbox of team members to ensure policy compliance.

Messages tracking

Use group policies feature to set rules to track a specified word or subject in sent or received messages you want to follow up on.

Advanced Search: IncredibleSearch™

Search thoroughly into your mailbox. WorldPosta® advanced search feature “IncredibleSearch™” gets you full results from your messages body, and from the content of the attachments files; quickly and effectively.





The recipient didn’t read the message

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