Worldposta is Business class email with Huge mailboxes( 200 GB ), calendar, and contacts .Worldposta Mail is a scalable business email and collaboration server that meets the needs of any sized business, from the sole proprietorship to an enterprise organization or service provider with thousands of domains and millions of users.




WorldPosta Wep App 

A full features web interface where you can use and manage your email effectively.



Active Synchronization

With Outlook Anywhere, access your email, contacts, calendar and tasks from all your preferred devices (PC, Mobile, Tablet…) and operating systems (Windows, MAC, Android, iOS, BlackBerry).

With instantaneously synchronization, all your data and actions are on all your devices.



 Online Exchange

Work smarter, anywhere, with business email on your own servers.

Exchange Online gives companies a majority of the same benefits that on-premises Exchange deployments provide but with No hardware Cost and No license required and scalable hardware.

By integrating with the Microsoft Outlook client, companies that use Exchange Online can make use of hosted email, calendars and contacts, Worldposta Exchange Online is available as a standalone solution









Share anything with 

Increase productivity with enterprise-level collaboration features that can be used individually or shared among others in your organization. These items can also be synced to your users’ favorite mobile devices, tablets and desktop applications through a variety of syncing protocols, including Exchange ActiveSync, Exchange Web Services.


Take the burden out of organizing your schedule! Create multiple calendars, better manage conference rooms, show task dates, specify working hours and more.


All of the communication you’ve had with a contact is readily available to you, whether it be emails and IMs, scheduled appointments or attachments that have been exchanged.


Keep track of anything you need to do! From shopping lists to long-term tasks, create lists of items, set due dates, update status and completion percentage, and even prioritize tasks.


The electronic equivalent of paper sticky notes, WorldPosta Mail’s notes are a great place to jot down questions, ideas, reminders or anything else you need to remember or keep on-hand.

Powerful Mail You Deserve

Outlook Anywhere


Work from Anywhere – view your emails / calendar and global contacts from anywhere

you have an internet connection with Outlook Web Access.

Mobile access is available from all phones that can receive email,

including Windows Phone, iPhone®, Android, and Blackberry devices.


Antispam and security

Worldposta provides a range of products where premium Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus service comes built in. The volume of spam and malicious email has grown thousands of percent over the last few years and our goal is radically reduce this security threat from your business. Outlook Anywhere is our most popular next generation email service that includes Anti-Spam services.


Address books

Find all your colleagues contact data (Email, Mobile, Address…) in the Global Address Book which build its self with every new user creation.


Shift + Delete Recovery 

Any user can restore his deleted items within 60 days,Your data is backed up by us so you don’t have to worry! Save time and reduce risks of a major IT failure in your business with Outlook Anywhere.



FAST Searching

Instant Search helps you to quickly find items, The Instant Search pane is always available in all of your Outlook views, such as Mail, Calendar, and Contacts.