WorldPosta vs. alternatives: 7 Reasons to Opt-Out for the Best Business Email Solution




WorldPosta offers a next generation, cloud based business email solution, with features designed for both big organizations and smaller business.
Alternative platforms such as Zimbra, Smarter Mail, and Zoho can’t compete with Exchange and Cloud-Exchange based products such as WorldPosta, as Exchange Email is the most popular and the most trusted enterprise software solution.
WorldPosta service is tailored to ensure better workflow and multi-platform-access; anytime, anywhere.

Here’s a few advantages of WorldPosta over Exchange alternatives:

(1) WorldPosta Supports MAPI Protocol

Messaging Application Programming Interface (MAPI) over HTTP is a new transport used to connect mail clients with mail servers. Using MAPI/HTTP will improve the reliability and stability of connections by moving the transport layer to the industry-standard HTTP model.

This allows to a higher level of transport errors and enhanced recoverability.
WorldPosta uses this protocol to fasten reconnection after any break (TCP connections, device hibernation, and change connection to another wired, wireless or cellular network).

These features aren’t available in the alternatives; it only support IMAP and POP3 which is older protocols for organizations that search for the next best thing.

(2) Availability & Reliability

The most commonly mentioned area of concern regarding cloud services is reliability. WorldPosta provides a Service Level Agreement (SLA) with 99.9% uptime, as it uses multiple redundant datacenters and availability points distributed around the world to assure a stable service across all platforms.

The Service Level Agreements (SLAs) of the alternatives varies from 99% to no SLAs at all, which raises questions about stability and service availability; as organizations must maintain its daily operations up and running.

(3) Security

WorldPosta’s security is perfectly established to prevent hazards before reaching your network, as it uses multi-layer of advanced technologies such as Sandbox and Zero-day-attack protection.
The connection between the server and the user is SSL encrypted so there’s no chance to unauthorized persons to sniff your data.

Also, WorldPosta offers mobile security, which allows your administrators to wipe sensitive data from any lost or stolen mobile device

In addition to that, WorldPosta’s anti-spam uses intelligent techniques to learn from user’s behavior, and many other security measures, for complete information about WorldPosta security click here.

Other alternatives just offer anti-spam and anti-virus protection and (with extra fees), which creates vulnerabilities beyond its capabilities to the end users, such as ransomware and malware.

(4) Control

WorldPosta Admin Control Panel is the most innovative tool to help the administrators in your organization to take control over your mailboxes, set privileges and permissions.

Also you can control ActiveSync, mail flow and Distribution List which aren’t included in the alternatives.

All of this control features, which are important to IT personnel in your company, aren’t available in the alternatives and aren’t as Exchange-based services which has a wide range of features to help them get control over mailboxes.

(5)Anytime, Anywhere access

WorldPosta is compatible with all Email clients in all platforms, such as Outlook and Thunderbird plus WorldPosta Online Web Access (OWA) which is available in all language.

Other alternatives supports only English, and many of them only accessible via web Interface and cannot be configured to use via mail clients. This is an important feature to business owners who needs their email accessible anytime, anywhere to handle any work issue in real-time.

Learn more information about any time anywhere feature.

(6) Storage, attachment limit

The biggest size mailbox; 200GB for every user under your account, with attachment upload up to 35MB for each message.

This kind of large storage aren’t available in most of the alternatives, some alternative products offer large storages but with large fees.

(7) Other Advantages which aren’t offered by Alternatives

-Incredible Search: Search through your messages and attachments, not included in most of the alternatives.-

-Money-Back Guarantee: 30 day, no one offers this feature.-

-Dynamic Distribution List: your organization’s administrators will be able to define dynamic groups to configure it each time a message is sent to the group, based on the filters and conditions that your admins define. This is an exclusive feature for exchange and exchange-based products.

-Easiest migration process: No -downtime, no extra fees! The migration processes of the alternatives not as simple as WorldPosta or other Exchange-based products.


Alternatives are built to compete with Exchange, but still have a long way ahead to match its unlimited features, availability and the trust by many big and smaller organizations around the world.