Understanding Exchange Server Autodiscover Service

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Understanding Exchange Server Autodiscover Service

In this article, we will be discussing one of the best features introduced to Exchange Server.

But let me first introduce you to the “Exchange server” briefly.

Microsoft Exchange Server is an email server that allows a fast and efficient communication between two ends while transmitting an email from one side to another. Also, it gives the benefit of “shared Calendar” which can manage easily all your important events and meetings and it could be shared with all who are concerned.


Autodiscover feature:

With the Autodiscover feature added to the Exchange Server, the administrator can easily configure any new client as this feature allow the server to retrieve all the data of this user by just adding their email account. So the configuration process is done automatically.


How does Autodiscover work?

In order to explain that process, you have to be familiar with some important keywords.

Active Directory: It’s a directory that contains a set of processes and services that helps make some complex functions easier such as configuration and authentication process

LDAP(Lightweight Directory Access Protocol): it’s a protocol used to speak to the Active directory by querying items from that directory

SCP: it’s a service connection point that holds Exchange server Autodiscover information by creating an object in the active directory


Now using these terminologies, let us discuss briefly how Autodiscover works, taking as example Worldposta email provider.

When installing the WorldPosta Exchange server, it creates its own SCP and the Autodiscover folder is automatically created and ready for the Autodiscover settings.

When a client starts to open his WorldPosta Email in order to configure a new user, an LDAP query is sent to the Active Directory, which in turn takes an object of the SCP in order to get the needed information for the Autodiscover feature. This SCP information is sent back to the user and then to the WorldPosta server Autodiscover folder and then using LDAP query all the connection settings will be sent back to the client and stored in a newly created file so that the client could contact the WorldPosta server and automatically discover the configuration for the newly added user