The Cloud Is Our Limit

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WorldPosta Cloud services designed for business

WorldPosta is an innovative startup, specializes in designing and operating cloud services to help you out with your daily businesses operations.

We believe that the best way to deliver a great service is to have deep understanding of clients’ needs and targets, and then design features accordingly”

WorldPosta cloud-based business mail is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS), built to provide a powerful and stable email and collaboration service for companies, organizations of all sizes and startups.

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What We Do

We provide businesses collaboration tools based on cloud technology, we are currently now operating cloud based business mail solutions

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Stability is Our Passion

We believe that every inbound and outbound message from your company means money, and you can’t afford to experience any downtime period, stable service means higher performance for your employees. We take stability and the service level very seriously. All companies consider this factor critical to their businesses, and so we do; our service is designed to help companies of all sizes complete everyday tasks and daily work load.

We designed WorldPosta service from A to Z to have the highest level of stability; powerful cloud infrastructure distributed over 30 availability zone worldwide, the backend of the service is maintained and operated 24/7 by our great team of cloud engineers.

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Security is Our Obsession

Your email service can be vulnerability point, and a gateway for spammers, scammers and phishers to keep spreading their malicious spam and Trojans every second, and it could infect your business network and harm your databases with malwares which designed to destroy your data, steal your business data or aggravate the user.

We don’t just filter the inbound & outbound messages, we help you secure your internal infrastructure and networks from major threats, even threats like Zero-Day Attacks and ransomware attacks.

We also have security measures to protect you from the human errors that can cause an infection to your systems that can cause total shut down to your operations.

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Think of our team as one of your teams.

An awesome team specialized in business cloud service and SaaS models

Our talented team of engineers and technicians have a long experience in cloud technologies and business services. Our team knows that you prefer focusing on running and developing your business instead of wasting time on solving daily technical problems.

WorldPosta teams are working with main goal in mind; operating the service to be up and stable to keep your daily operations running with the maximum efficiency.

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WorldPosta Service Infrastructure

As a cloud based service, WorldPosta servers are distributed all over the world, that’s why WorldPosta Business Mail Service has maximum deliverability achievement rate.

In order to maintain our high availability and performance for all clients, WorldPosta Service is using cloud servers from the biggest cloud vendors; Amazon AWS and Google Cloud Platform, in addition to our own private datacenters.

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Our Mission

“Your business is our business”

WorldPosta is your cloud partner, our mission is not just to help you doing your daily business operations, but also to help you improve and develop your organization to the next level.

Our teams are working to bring you the best out of cloud technology and to maintain the service’s high performance needed for businesses continuity.

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Our Vision

“Move you up to the cloud”

Our goal is to create collaboration platforms to help businesses of all sizes. We aim to create many innovative cloud based business tools. Also to empower your users to do complete their tasks from anywhere, anytime.

WorldPosta is working with partners to help organizations and enterprises realize the ultimate benefits of migrating into cloud world.

For information about WorldPosta Services or cloud-based solutions

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