Add another Email Alias for a user

Add another Email Alias for a user

The primary Email address in WorldPosta is usually the email address that has been assigned to the user when the account was created by an admin at your organization.

When a user sends an email to someone else, the primary email address is the one which appears in the From field at the recipients’ end.

You can have more than one email address associated with your primary account, these additional email addresses are called “Aliases”.

Example: when Peter primary email address is [email protected] and he also wants to receive emails at [email protected] and [email protected]. The organization admin can create those aliases for him, and all the emails sent to those email addresses will go to Peter’s inbox.

How to add an email address to a user? / add another email address to the same user

This step can only be done by an admin in your organization.

1. Open WorldPosta control panel.

2. Click on Mailboxes in Hosted Organization section.

3. From Mailboxes page, click on the user that you want to add an email address to.

4. Click on the tab Email Addresses.

5. In the field E-mail Address (required), enter the Email address, and select domain from the drop-down menu, then click on Add Email Address.

  • The Email you entered will appear in Existing E-mail Addresses section.


Set an Email as the primary Email

To set an email as the primary Email address, simply check the box beside an email address, then click on Set As Primary.

Delete an Email from the existing emails list

To delete an Email from the existing emails list, simply check the box beside email address/addresses that you want to delete, then click Delete Selected E-mails.