Add bulk contacts

Creating Bulk Contacts:

If you have many external contacts that you want to add to your contact, you can upload them all with few steps, instead of adding them one by one.

How can I benefit from this?

When you add bulk contacts it will make it easier to:

  • Share external contacts with your users.
  • Forward any incoming email to an external contact. (Learn More)

How to create bulk contacts?

-You can access it by clicking on Bulk Module from the dashboard.

1 9 - Add bulk contacts

-Click on Download Sample. 

12 2 - Add bulk contacts

-Fill in the form with all the contacts you want to add.

13 2 - Add bulk contacts

-Click on upload Bulk contact and select the filled form to upload it back.

14 2 - Add bulk contacts

Finally, you will find a pop-up message telling you that your sheet is uploaded successfully.