Add Bulk Mailboxes

Add Bulk Mailboxes:


1) Open WorldPosta control panel.

2) Click on Add Bulk Mailboxes in Hosted Organization section.


word image 21 - Add Bulk Mailboxes

3) Click on Choose file, and select the destination of the .CSV file.

4) Click on Create Bulk Mail.


More information about uploading .csv file to WorldPosta Admin Control Panel:


1- The file you upload must contain the same column headings as the sample data sheet.


2- You must fill the following information (First Name, Last Name, Email Address, and Password) in order to successfully upload the file.


3- You can use any language, but the labels (column headers) must remain as shown in the sample.



Common error messages when upload .CSV File


(1) Your domain is not verified: you have to verify your domain first in order to confirm that you own this domain, to know how to verify your domain click here.

word image 22 - Add Bulk Mailboxes



(2) The quota has been reached: you have reached the maximum number of users in your plan.

word image 23 - Add Bulk Mailboxes



(3) Specified e-mail address is already in use: Email addresses already created

word image 24 - Add Bulk Mailboxes



(3)Too simple Password: you need to use more complex password, to know more about password policy click here

word image 25 - Add Bulk Mailboxes