Edit Distribution List

Edit Distribution List:

1) Click on the list you have created to allow editing options.

2) You will find the tabs at the top right of the page.

General Tab:

  • You can edit the display name of the distribution list.
  • You can modify the list manager: the one who will be able to manage the Distribution List (He/She should be one of the users who are added in the list).
  • You can add new members to the distribution list by clicking on the “Add Members” button.
  • Then click on “submit” when you are done with editing.

Settings Tab:

Here you can add different names “alias” for your distribution list email.
*Be noted that you can use these different names when you are using the “send as” and “send on behalf” options.

  • Send as” means that you can send an email with the distribution list name from your email.
  • Send on behalf” means that it will be shown to the recipients that you are sending on behalf of the “distribution list name”.

*As the Distribution List itself is not an accessible email.

Mail Flow tab:

In the Mail Flow tab under the distribution list, you can choose:

  • Accept messages from all senders or from a specific list of senders that you can add.
  • Reject messages from no one or from senders in a specific list that you can add: when you press on it, the add button will appear to you and then you can choose which senders.

  • Click on “Submit” when you are done with editing.

Permission Tab:

Just like the normal mailbox users, you can add permissions to the distribution list email to send as or send on behalf:

  • Click on “Add” beside “Send As”, to add members who can send as the distribution list email.
  • Click on “Add” beside “Send on Behalf”, to add members who can send on behalf of the distribution list email.

Member of Tab:

Here you can add members to the selected distribution list.
Add one member:

  • Click on Add if you want to add one member to the distribution list.
  • Select from the list the member you want to add.
  • Click on “Submit”.

Bulk of Members:

  • Click on “Download Sample”.
  • Fill the sample with the members you want to add.
  • Click on “Upload Members” to upload back the filled sample.
  • Click on “Submit”. 

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