Create new mailbox

Add users individually

Every member of your team need a user accounts to access their WorldPosta Email, the easy way is to add one user at a time using WorldPosta Admin Control Panel.

After reading this article you’ll be able to create users accounts and login credentials.

1. Open WorldPosta Admin Control Panel.

2. Go to Mailboxes


3. Click on in the upper right corner of the page.



Note: You can create email a new mailbox or add a new mailbox to an existing user.

To create a new user (mailbox):

4. Enter basic information for the new account:

  • Name: fill in first, initials, and last name. (optional)
  • Display Name: Enter the name that will appear when sending messages. (required)
  • Email Address: Enter the Email address and choose the domain, if you have multiple domains for your organization. (required)
  • Password: Enter the password, or you can generate a powerful password by clicking Generate Password. (required)NOTE: to show the generated password, simply click on the Password field to copy it.

When you finish, click


After performing these steps, the user will be able to access WorldPosta Email using his credentials via Webmail or any supported Email client.


You’ll be redirected to the settings page, you can and more general Information, mail flow settings, add another Email address to the same user, manage permissions and more.