Create new mailbox

Create new mailbox

Learn how to create new mailbox for new user by WorldPosta Admin Control Panel:

1) Open WorldPosta control panel.

2) Click on Mailboxes in Hosted Organization section.
A new page will open…

3) Click on New Mailbox in the upper right corner.

4) Fill the form with the required info.

    1. Enter new user’s First Name, and Last Name. (initials field is optional)
    2. Enter the user’s Display Name that appears when sending messages.
    3. Enter the user’s email address to create, and select domain from the dropdown menu.
    4. Click to generate a temporary Password for user to use it to log in the first time.


5) Choose  mailbox storage plan from the list.

6) Click on Create Mailbox.

7) After the user mailbox is created, the user’s mailbox information page will appear.
When you’re done, click Save Changes and Exit.