Add another mail address to the same user

Add another mail address to the same user
Occasionally, you may need to make one user receive Emails from multiple Email address

Note: a user may have multiple email addresses, one email address (the primary address) will always appear when this user sends.

To learn how to add another email address to the same mailbox:
1) Open WorldPosta control panel.
2) Click on Mailboxes in Hosted Organization section.
3) From Mailboxes page, click on the user that you want to add an email address to.
4) Click on the tab Email Addresses.
5) Enter the Email address, and select domain from the drop-down menu, then click on Add Email Address.

  • Other email addresses for this user will be displayed in Existing E-mail Addresses, you can easily select any address to be set as the primary or deleted.

6) Click on Save Changes or Save Changes and Exit when you’re done.

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