Password Policy

Password Policy

To increase the security of your accounts, you can enforce a password policy to all users under your account to use powerful passwords to prevent hacking attempts, easily from your Admin Control Panel.
A password Policy settings

Set password Policy

1) Open WorldPosta control panel.
2) Click on password Policy in Hosted Organization section.

3) You can change the following password settings:
A. Minimum length: set the minimum length of your users’ password.
B. Maximum length: set the maximum length of your users’ password.
C. Enforce password history: prevent users from reuse old passwords.
D. Max Password Age: set the expiration date for users’ passwords
E. Enable lockout Settings: enforce users to change their passwords before login.
F. Enable Password Complexity: apply the complexity level of the passwords to all of your users.
G. Uppercase letters: the minimum number of the uppercased letters.
H. Numbers: set the minimum numbers required in password
I. Non-alphanumeric symbols: set the minimum number of the non-alphanumeric symbols (For example:!, $, #, or %).

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