Admin Rules

With WorldPosta, the admin can assign the members of the organizations different roles based on the requirement.
Here you can create a group of permissions and choose the set of functions to be assigned to specific users. Those users will be able to take actions like the admins on the allowed permissions.

How to create a new group and assign new tasks?

1) Open Permission Groups from the dashboard.

2) Click on the plus icon at the top-right corner.

3) Enter the “permission group” name.
4) Choose the roles you want to add for this permission group from the above list by clicking on the rule you want to add to that group.

5) Click on “Save”.
6) Then you have to get back to users’ icon in the dashboard after completing the group creation.
7) Click on the + sign, add the user, enter the data requested, and then assign the permission to him/her from the drop-down list beside permission group icon.

8) Then click on “Save”.

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