WorldPosta Advanced features

Advanced Search: IncredibleSearch™

Search thoroughly into your mailbox. WorldPosta® advanced search feature “IncredibleSearch™” gets you full results from your messages body, and from the content of the attachments files; quickly and effectively.

MAPI  Protocol supported

Messaging Application Programming Interface(MAPI) is the most advanced and powerful technique. It accelerates the connection between your email client and WorldPosta mail server, and makes the messages-passing operation more efficient.

Dynamic Distribution List

Dynamic Distribution lists are mail-enabled feature created to speed up the mass sending of email messages and other information based on the filters and conditions that you define.

When an email message is sent to a dynamic distribution list, it’s delivered to all recipients in the organization that match the criteria defined for that group.

Example: you can set rules for sending messages to certain department, certain job title, or a certain project team.

Global Address List (GAL)

Allow your organization’s staff to connect easily between each other, using the Global Address List to provide them with all contact information: Name, Email address, mobile number, etc.

Admins can add or remove contacts Information via WorldPosta® control Panel.

Deleted Messages recovery

You can easily manage and set how long deleted Emails are kept in your mailbox. You can recover the deleted sensitive messges within 356 days, and 60 days for the permanently deleted (Shift+Deleted) Emails.

View attachment in Outlook and WorldPosta Webmail

You can preview many different types of attachments directly in the Reading Pane.

(txt, docx, xlsx, pptx, pdf, etc.…).

Read receipts and delivery notifications

A delivery receipt is a perfect feature to confirm delivery of your message to the recipient’s mailbox, a read receipt confirms that your message was opened.


Use Outbox to view the scheduled and delayed sent messages