Audit Logs information

Audit Logs

Audit logs is a feature from WorldPosta that is designed to allow you to track all of your administrators’ actions, choose from/to specific dates and export it to an excel sheet.

using this feature, you’ll be able to view all administrators’ actions from certain time to a certain time, to get to know who performed a certain task, along with the start and the finish date.
if you click on a task, you’ll find further details about the task and also the IP of the machine that is used to perform this task.

To view Audit Logs – go to the sidebar, under Account Menu > Audit Log.

Click on Display Records.

word image 14 - Audit Logs information


You can now select a date, from the From Calendar, and the To Calendar.

word image 15 - Audit Logs information

You can Export this log to your computer by clicking Export Log,

Or you can also clear all logs by clicking Clear Log.