Delay or schedule sending an email messages You can delay the sending of a message via WorldPosta systems, or you can set rules to delay the sending of all messages by having them held in the Outbox for a period of time after you send it. How to delay the... Continue reading


Efail Attacks

Efail Attacks Efail attacks are the latest vulnerability that has been announced on the 15th of May 2018. It attacks encrypted emails that are using PGP and S/MIME encryption protocols, decrypts it, and have full access to the message content and all your company sensitive details. Not just the currently... Continue reading


Inhouse VS cloud exchange

In-House or Cloud Exchange? Each corporate has its own email database that needs to be stored safely and efficiently. As a business owner, you may have a lot of concerns regarding how to store your company’s data and communications including sensitive ones. Some of these concerns are where to store... Continue reading


Messaging Protocols

Messaging Protocols Have you ever wondered how machines or servers can talk to each other? Yes they can talk exactly like a human being but with a different language When I was young my older sister used to teach me how we signal our brain to hear what other people... Continue reading


DNS and Deleting Domain

What is DNS server? When you enter a domain name or it’s easier to say a “link “over the internet, this domain name is sent to the DNS server in order to find the matching IP address record for this domain name and help users to find a specific website... Continue reading


Email Security

Email Security and protection You may have thoughts about how to protect your business communications? How to protect your emailing network and your shared sensitive data over that network? Or if it’s a personal email, so how to protect your personal information and personal communications? Well choosing wisely your email... Continue reading