Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability When sending an email to your recipient you don’t only expect the delivery of this email, but you intended the RIGHT delivery, in other words, you expect the message to be delivered to their inbox. Email deliverability is the measure of the successfully received emails to the intended... Continue reading


The Perfect Email Service Provider

The perfect email service provider Picking your email service provider is a very critical decision that will have an effect on your work growth and success. Choosing your email service provider is like choosing the right person to help you effectively achieve your goals and accomplish your tasks. That person... Continue reading


Getting the most out of your email

Getting the most out of your email We all know the importance of an email for business communications, as it’s the gate to your business’s audience, partners and your own employees. It’s where you share important information and sensitive data, and furthermore if you are choosing a good and friendly... Continue reading


Email fraud attacks 2018

 -What is email fraud? Also called scams or business email compromise (BEC), it’s a kind of threats that target stealing your money and personal or organization information that gives the scammer the authority to access, as for example, your bank account, or deceiving you to simply send them an amount... Continue reading


WorldPosta Updates, Designed for Administrator [July’s update.]

WorldPosta Team always cares about your experience, especially for admistarors and IT engineers. we want to help you, as we know that your day is busy :)     EDIT ALL USER INFORMATION IN BULK Edit/change all of your users' information on excel sheet and upload it to automatically change their... Continue reading


What is Sender Policy Framework (SPF)

What is Sender Policy Framework (SPF) What is SPF? Sender Policy Framework, it’s an email authentication protocol or it’s also called as validation system that allows the domain name owner to define a list of IPs, only this list can send emails on behalf of this domain. What is the... Continue reading