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sap 1 - SAP Internet Communication Manager (ICM) Vulnerability

SAP Internet Communication Manager (ICM) Vulnerability

On the 8th of February 2022, SAP announced a new vulnerability affecting its products specifically SAP applications running SAP internet communication manager Onapsis labs in cooperation with SAP security team succeeded to create an open-source tool to identify the customer system and detect if it’s susceptible to the threat or... Continue reading

5 solution - Emennet Pasargad malicious attack

Emennet Pasargad malicious attack

In August 2020, Iranian employees at Emennet Pasargad started a malicious campaign with the intention to interfere with the US Election 2020. This campaign caused the following: They obtained confidential voter information Sent threatening emails to voters Published a video with misleading information about the existence of vulnerability in the... Continue reading

team exchanges - Outlook needs password

Outlook needs password

Outlook prompting for password Problem: Outlook keeps asking for your credentials repeatedly Here we will list a set of possible causes and the solution for each step by step Possible causes and solutions: 1. Slow or unstable network connection Bad network issue can arise anytime, and this may happen when... Continue reading


Delay or schedule sending an email messages You can delay the sending of a message via WorldPosta systems, or you can set rules to delay the sending of all messages by having them held in the Outbox for a period of time after you send it. How to delay the... Continue reading

default thumb img222222222 - WorldPosta Updates, Designed for Administrator [July’s update.]

WorldPosta Updates, Designed for Administrator [July’s update.]

WorldPosta Team always cares about your experience, especially for admistarors and IT engineers. we want to help you, as we know that your day is busy :)     EDIT ALL USER INFORMATION IN BULK Edit/change all of your users' information on excel sheet and upload it to automatically change their... Continue reading


WorldPosta IncredibleSearch

WorldPosta IncredibleSearch As your email inbox grows you may find yourself overwhelmed and lost in a list of unrelated threads with trillion subjects and you will start to try organizing these emails into billion folders in order to make the very complex process of searching for an email, to be... Continue reading