Cloud Computing and Artificial intelligence


Cloud Computing and Artificial intelligence

What is Cloud Computing?

It’s a pool of computing resources such as applications, files and stored data that are located on a remote server using its network it can be easily managed, processed and stored.

What is Artificial intelligence?

It’s how to develop machines systems to perform tasks that require human interaction,
In other words, it’s how to teach a machine to be as intelligent as humans and to function like them


How are they related?

Cloud computing is one of the very fast growing technologies that nowadays, all corporates are moving to due to its low cost, the ease and flexibility of use besides the relief of a maintenance headache that requires more expenses and more resources.

Cloud computing can be used to solve a lot of complexity that are facing business these days.
It can provide better storage scalability, faster performance and efficient outputs.

These three are the main needs of Artificial intelligence.
AI is working on enabling machines to think, analyze a numerous number of data and act upon analysis which will lead to automation of a lot of processes if not all of it.
For these analyses to work efficiently, AI needs a huge managed storage space, a very high performance that will lead to efficient decisions.

In AI a lot of different algorithms are used to evaluate data in deep learning which will need a large amount of data and will result in even larger sets of clusters and outputs that needs a computational power, using cloud computing can guarantee a scalable and powerful environment ready to perform the needed AI algorithms in less time and can provide the suitable hardware to analyze the huge data sets.


Cloud computing is a strong infrastructure that you can depend on when it comes to Artificial intelligence. Both combined together is the future of powerful technology.