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WorldPosta CloudDesktop is designed to help you save your files and share it with your teams.


Save your files securely and share it with your teams

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Office Online

Create and edit your documents; Word Documents, Excel sheets, presentations and more..

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Online calls and meetings

Meet with your teams and partners

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Internal chat

Chat with your team members

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CloudDesktop is designed with your business in mind.


Control and monitor data and communication in your company.

Compliant by design

Providing extensive data policy enforcement, encryption, and user management capabilities


Let your teams share and collaborate within and across your organization.

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Stay on top of your files!

CloudDesktop storage helps your company achieve more, while you maintain complete control over your information.

Simple and clean web interface.

1 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Track every activity done by you or by the others.

2 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Browse your files stored in the cloud via CloudDesktop plugin for Outlook.

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Upload large files and attach them directly into your message.

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Designed to help you get more out of your daily operations

Sync your data across all platforms


Advanced security features


Dedicated 24/7 support


Effortlessly share, create, edit and save files

Edit office files right from our interface, easily share your documents

Ensure availability and take control over your business data.

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Designed to be easy-to-use and highly secured.
advanced solution developed by WorldPosta to help you with daily documents

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Easy access to your files, photos and documents.
Easy-to-use web interface, desktop clients, and mobile app, anytime anywhere access

file 3 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Work and share with team members, customers and partners.

file 4 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Ultimate security
end-to-end encryption, password protection, and more..

Meet with your colleagues, costumers, and partners…

icon 9 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Encrypted, peer-to-peer audio/video calls

icon 10 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Mobile calls & chat with push notifications.

icon 11 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Mobile apps for Android and iOS (Soon)

icon 12 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Easy screen sharing


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Office Online

Edit your office documents via a familiar web interface.


f2 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

File sharing

Share your documents privately with your company

f3 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta

Online Collaboration

Collaborate with your teams, stay in control of your own office files

f4 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta


Allows using filesystem snapshots as versions trough the CloudDesktop web interface

f5 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta


Manage & edit your media directly from one place

f6 - CloudDesktop by WorldPosta


Sync your files between all of your devices

CloudDesktop vs other technologies

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