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Continuous Data Protection (CDP) from MyCloud provides your business with a fast and economic disk-based server CDP solutions for many environments and platforms, using different technology and operating systems.

Why choose MyCloud CDP backup Services?

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Fast Data Read

DP Backups are implemented at the block-level to read data directly from the disk, bypassing the complex file system.

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Many Retention Points

CDP Backups will preserve many retention points, allowing you to control the number of data save points within a specified
period of time.

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Crash Recovery

In the event of a crash, our solutions will completely recover your server with all of its contents, including pre-set

Manages Backup Features

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Data Retention Policies

Choose from a variety of replication settings to automatically merge and recycle storage to match your custom data retention policies.

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Disaster Recovery

In the case of disaster, we will restore your entire contents of the server in minutes.

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Snapshots of desk volumes for all Windows and Linux systems.

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