Admin Control Panel, developed for business

WorldPosta® Control Panel is designed and developed for IT personnel in your organization to easily manage all  users under your account, their privileges and permissions, user information, and more.


Manage all mailboxes under your account

You can easily add, edit, or delete mailboxes, add and edit user details and contact information.


Set permissions and privilege

Easy to set, edit and update permissions and privileges for each user

Manage security options

  • Set password policies for users under your account
  • Wipe data from lost or stolen devices

Manage Distribution lists

Easily manage distribution lists for all users under your accounts.

Manage ActiveSync policies

Manage rules and policies for the users under your account, and set access rules.


Mail flow settings

Fully control sending, receiving and forwarding settings for your users.

Monitor usage

Monitor the mailboxes usage quotas easily from the Admin Control Panel.