Create new Calendar Entry

How to create a new Calendar Entry in WorldPosta Webmail (OWA)?

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Calendar tools will allow you to add meetings, appointments, and any events. You can track and share this entries with others.

Create a calendar item

To create a new appointment or meeting request in any view:



1-In the Pane on the top of your window, click on Calndar.

2-choose 2018 03 02 11 54 41 - Create new Calendar Entry or double-click  an open time slot on the day you want.


a new window will appear.
2018 02 15 9 26 47 - Create new Calendar Entry2018 03 02 11 59 40 1024x473 - Create new Calendar Entry

2018 03 02 12 02 24 1024x332 - Create new Calendar Entry

(A) Event: add the event name.
(B)Location: add the location for the event.
(C) Address: enter the Email address for the persons you want to invite.
Note: you can click on + icon to choose from your address book.
(D) Start: choose the start date.
(E) Duration: select the meeting duration.
(F) Reminder: choose when to remind the persons invited to this meeting.
(G) Enter the event details, you can edit and format the text using editing tools.
(H) Mark As Private: to privately share this event with the invited persons.

3-Choose Save when you’re done.