Creating signatures in Outlook

Creating message signatures in Outlook 2016
What is Email signatures?
An email signature appears at the bottom or side of the message form and often contains contact details of the sender; name, contact details, company logo and location (optional), website URL and other desired information.
Some even contain the sender’s favourite inspirational or funny quote. The simpler the email signature is, the better, as it is not really what the recipient will be looking for when they read your message, and if they do look at it, they will most likely just want to find your contact and locations details, and move on without giving it a second thought. You really don’t want to clog your recipient with too much unnecessary information.

In Outlook 2016, you can add a signature automatically to all outgoing emails.
First, you need to create a signature file and add it to Outlook 2016.
Create a Signature
Open the Options dialogue box by selecting the File tab and clicking on Options on the ribbon at the top of the page

  1. Click the Mail button on the navigation panel to open the Message settings window.
  2. Click the Signatures button located in the Compose Message section. A Signatures and Stationery dialogue box will open.
  3. Click the New button to open a New Signature dialogue box.
  4. Type in your desired name for the signature. Could be your name, or the Company name. This will distinguish this particular signature with any other signature you wish to add. These are handy in case you would like to use different signatures for different emails.
  5. Click OK to close the New Signature box.
  6. In the Edit Signature text box, type the text of your signature and insert any logos as you would want them to appear. You can resize your logo/ image so that it doesn’t take up too much space in the message box
  7. Click OK to save your signature in the Signatures and Stationery dialogue box.
  8. Click OK to close Outlook Options dialogue box.

If you work in a company where everyone else uses the same email signature, you can simply copy the signature from an email you receive from one of your co-workers and paste in the Edit Signature text box.
Also remember that most people access their emails on their phones and will therefore be unimpressed with any fancy formatting you put into your signature.
Simple is always best.

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