Dealing with folders in WorldPosta Webmail

Dealing with folders in WorldPosta Webmail (OWA)

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In case you want to organize your messages into folders or sub-folders or even move the current folders or rename them, you can set up rules so that Outlook on the web automatically enforces them.

Default folders:

These are the default folders for your account:

Inbox: All Incoming messages arrive at the Inbox folder.
– If you’ve created an Inbox rule, the messages will be redirected to another folder.
– If you can’t find a message in The Inbox folder, they’re identified as junk email.

Drafts: When you create or respond to a message, but you can’t finish it right away, it will automatically be saved to your Drafts folder. You can come back to the message later to continue editing it, and then send it.

Sent Items By default, a copy of every message you send is stored in the Sent Items folder.

Deleted Items When you delete a message, it’ll be moved to the Deleted Items folder.

Junk Email: When any message is identified as junk, it’ll be moved to the Junk Email folder.


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