Deleting a Calendar Entry

How to delete a Calendar Entry in WorldPosta Webmail (OWA)?

As time goes by, all of your saved calendar entries might pile up and occupy a massive space in your data storage. To clear some of this space, you can decrease the number of saved items by archiving or deleting them:

Select the event on your calendar, and then select delete.

You might also need to do any of the following functions:

  • For an appointment, select Delete on the confirmation message that appears.
  • For a meeting that you set up, right-click on the item and select Cancel.
  • If you want to add a note to the cancellation message that you send out to attendees, select Edit the cancellation before sending. To just cancel the meeting, select Send the cancellation now.
  • For a meeting you are invited to, right-click on the item, select Delete, and then select the appropriate option depending on whether you want to include a message along with declining the meeting, send the response without a message, or do not send a response at all.

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