Email Deliverability

deliverability - Email Deliverability

Email Deliverability

When sending an email to your recipient you don’t only expect the delivery of this email, but you intended the RIGHT delivery, in other words, you expect the message to be delivered to their inbox.

Email deliverability is the measure of the successfully received emails to the intended clients in ratio with the total sent emails. A high number indicates good email deliverability and therefore a great success to achieve the goals held in these emails

This measurement is an important factor for any corporate seeking to send important messages or advertising products to their Subscribers


Need to improve that Ratio?

So what are the factors that you should take into consideration to improve that ratio value?

What should you or should not do to make sure that your email will be delivered successfully to your inbox?

•  Revise carefully your recipients' list:
make sure that all the emails in the recipient list are real emails, so you would better not to buy email list that you are not sure about its quality or you are not sure how their email system will be reacting when receiving your message

•  The “No-Reply” emails:
Some of the emails filter systems may set a rule to block these kinds of messages, besides this may be an unfriendly email that could lead to a lack of communication with your clients

•  Good sender reputation score:
Reputation here means “consideration”, how the recipient considers or labels you.
Do they usually flag your emails as spams? Do they consider your email content valuable?
Are they complaining about not being included in the communication?
All these factors gradually determine your sender reputation score. If this score is low your messages, unfortunately, will be blocked, and your email IP will be on the blacklist, so you should keep track and regularly check your reputation score and not being blacklisted

•  Give your audience the option to unsubscribe:
Your client may be not interested any more about the content of your messages, or is not happy to receive emails from your side, so instead of kicking your email to the junk or sending a complaint, it will be a better option to unsubscribe peacefully, and you may add a kind of survey while unsubscribing for the client to explain the reason for leaving which could be helpful for later improvements.

•  Use a proper name in the email address:
In a more professional way that increases your creditability, you should include your company name in your email address.

•  Fishy contents:
Make sure that your message content is clear and relevant with no worrying links or attached images

•  Don’t insist to send messages to the wrong clients:
Try to respect the choice of some clients to unsubscribe from your service, also make sure that all recipient emails are valid. The repetitive sent of messages to these emails will result in your email being on the blacklist.

•  Confirm subscription:
When a client decides to subscribe to receive your email communications, it’s better to send him back a confirmation email with a confirmation link.
This helps you in two ways, one way is to make sure that your client is really interested in receiving your email content, and the other way is to make sure that the subscriber email is a valid one.
You may also ask your subscriber to add your email to the trusted list on their system in order to make sure they receive your messages as they intended and show interest.

•  Authenticate your email address:
Authentication means to validate your email by applying a set of processes and techniques which make sure to deliver your email to the mailbox provider with verifiable information about their origin, which in turn increase the chance for your message to reach the receiver inbox be clicked and opened safely.

•  Monitor your deliverability:
If you are using WorldPosta email provider you can set the option to send you a feedback on spammed emails by sending you back the message content and email address of the subscriber who marked your email as a spam. So using this feedback you may learn what went wrong with this client to mark your message as a spam or you may decide to exclude his/her email from any future communications.


Why should you care?
With your emails you can build your brand name and build loyalty and trust with your clients,
it’s one of the most important communication ways that could either take your business up or down. It gives you the chance to contact directly your clients and have a good bond and a strong relationship with them. So that’s why you should care about your email deliverability and all factors affecting it.

WorldPosta servers can guarantee that any email that came out from your mailbox is fully clear which increase the credibility and reputation scores