Email Security


Email Security and protection

You may have thoughts about how to protect your business communications?
How to protect your emailing network and your shared sensitive data over that network?
Or if it’s a personal email, so how to protect your personal information and personal communications?

Well choosing wisely your email service provider is an important factor, in addition to some other features that you should be taking into consideration while creating your account and configuring your settings


What could be the threats attacking your email system?

  • Spams :

it’s not just the regular forms of spam, but the problem is the evolution of spams, it could be sent now from many different locations, not from just one source
making the antivirus/spam roles to become more and more complicated

  • Hacks:

even if your account is just a personal one where you share your personal data, you still threatened with being hacked

  • Data breaches:

Data breach is the process of accessing, copying or viewing personal sensitive data, by an unauthorized individual.
Data breach happens when hacker have access to unauthorized or sensitive data on your network

Email service provider security

Worldposta is an example of the perfectly secured email service provider.
WorldPosta service provider has a highly secured system consisting of the strongest and latest antiviruses/spam and strong numerous layers to scan your system and protect your communication data.
Let me discuss briefly some of these security tools used to protect your email
system against external threats and bothering unwanted spams:

Antis-spam tools:

● SPF records: Sender Policy Framework, it’s an email authentication protocol or it’s also called as validation system that allows the domain name owner to define a list of IPs, only this list can send emails on behalf of this domain. When an email is sent the email receiver start to try matching the IP received from the sender with the SPF records. If it matched any of the records, the email is sent successfully as intended otherwise the sent email fails the SPF test and may be rejected by the email receiver or marked as suspicious. In that way, no one can use your email to send any deceiving messages with your name and in turn, if you are the receiver you will be protected from receiving this fraud email.

● Sender ID: it’s an authentication method that compares the sender’s address with the IP address in order to make sure if he is authorized to send an email using that domain or if he is trying to send a fraud attack

● Reverse Domain Name Service (rDNS): it’s used to resolve IP address into domain name working as a spam filter so that if the IP address does not match the domain name the message will be blocked

● Domain keys identified Mail (DKIM): it’s also an authentication method to make sure that the domain name is not a spoofed one used to send fraud attacks


WorldPosta protection against Viruses and Malware:

● WorldPosta uses multiple scanning detection systems, each having his own architecture, combined together to form a strong army and an unbreakable wall to prevent any harm from getting into your email system

● Sand-box technique it’s a technique used where messages are tested in a real-time environment similar to the one at the user side in order to predict and spot any suspicious contents or behaviour.

●With WorldPosta emails are scanned at the gateway

●WorldPosta allow to automatically delete and clean your system from any virus

●WorldPosta provide the user with a report for some viruses that tried to attack the email system

Other Features to take into consideration:

● Have a good complicated enough email address that is not easy to guess.
Including a number or a special character in your email address increase your protection.

● Have a unique strong password, that you are not using for any other accounts (facebook, twitter,…).The factors indicating the password strength are: your password length not less than 15 character length, includes special characters, includes numbers, include a combination of lower an upper case.

● Protect your device using a strong updated antivirus

● Choose a good, strong and private Security question where the answer is not easily guessed or known to everyone.

● Make sure that you email ID and your password are confidential, you are the only one who should know that information, be aware of any external link is trying to ask you for your password in order to continue, it’s a harmful link.

Your corporate communications or your personal data are important to keep safe and fully secured .that’s why it is very important to keep track of all the latest security tools and features and frequently develop your protection tools in order to shelter your business communication