Enterprise Grade Hosted Email Service

Leverage Your Email Hosting


Instant access anywhere, anytime

Your email integrates with ActiveSync so you can access your messages whenever you want using your mobile or computer.

Secure, fast, and ad-free mailboxes

A well-defined and simple interface, multi-level folders, drag-and-drop functionality, and fast search.

Outlook App and OWA

You can access your email smoothly via Outlook Desktop and Outlook on the Web fully synchronized.
Full control & ease of use on email hosting admin panel

Feature-Rich Admin Panel

Manage all mailboxes under your account.

You can easily add, edit, or delete mailboxes, and add and edit user details and contact information.

Set permissions and privileges.

It is easy to set, edit and update permissions and privileges for each user.

Manage security options.

You can set password policies for users under your account. You can also wipe data from lost or stolen devices.

Manage distribution lists.

You can easily manage distribution lists for all users under your accounts.

Configure mail flow settings.

You will fully control sending, receiving, and forwarding settings for your users.

Monitor the user's usage

You will be able to monitor the mailboxes usage quotas easily from the Admin Control Panel.


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Extra Tools

Enterprise-Class Hosting Email and Collaboration Tools


Drive Storage up to 10TB

You will store and access your files on the cloud and share them with co-workers.

  • Create, edit, and share files
  • Save photos and playable media files.

Seamless Migration Tool

With just a few clicks, you will transfer your whole old data with zero downtime.

  • You can do it yourself.
  • Our experts can do it on your behalf.
email admin

Productivity Tools

All the tools you need to maintain your workflow with office suite and calls and chat.

  • Shared calendars, contacts, and tasks.
  • Encrypted chat and voice & video calls.
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