Frequently Asked Questions

What is WorldPosta CloudSpace?

It is a smart workspace that enables businesses to boost communication among teams to maintain the workflow and, then, increase productivity. It is a perfect productivity solution that combines the tools that each organization needs to optimize collaboration in one place.
In brief, it brings the collaboration tools, including document management, Office Online, Outlook Plugin, internal chat, online calls and conferences, diagram.io plugin, among other features that each business needs to streamline the workflow.

In what language do I get support?

We provide support in English and Arabic through our exclusive partner Roaya for IT Solutions.

What is CloudSpace File Storage?

CloudSpace allows you to easily store and manage all your files. Using a friendly interface, you can edit, preview, delete, share, and create new files and folders.

What are the supported browsers for Video Player?

To play any video, simply click on it.
Basic supported browsers:
-Chrome: 3.0
-Firefox : 3.5 (1.9.1)
-Internet Explorer: 9.0
-Opera: 10.50
-Safari: 3.1

Can I share files with other external users or groups?

Yes,you can always share your files with other external users or groups or create public links for your files and folders. To un-share any file, click on the trash icon. Also, this list of options allows you to control permissions on the shared files with other users.

Can I drag and drop the files directly to the location I need?

Yes, you can upload a file by dragging and dropping it to the location that you desire.

Can I list or filter the files according to specified categories?

Yes, on the left side of the file view, you can find several filters as follows:
– List all files.
– Show your favourite list only.
– List the files that other users share with you.
– List the files that you shared with other users.
– List all files that you shared using a public link.

Can I set expiry dates for the files I have stored?

Yes, you can set expiry dates only on public links while local links do not expire unless you trashed the shared link by un-sharing it.

What is the Federation Share?

The Federation Share is a feature allowing you to create your own cloud and start sharing files with another remote cloud.

How can I order the images in the Gallery?

You can order images either alphabetical or by date.

How does CloudSpace manage my deleted files?

When you delete any file, it’s sent automatically to be stored in the trash icon “deleted files” listed at the bottom left side of the file preview.
So the file is not deleted permanently unless:
-You open the deleted file folder and delete the file manually.
-CloudSpace manager deletes the file to free some space.
-Each file stored in the deleted files folder expires at 30 days.

How is my storage portioned out?

Your storage Quota is defined by the available space used to store your data. As for the deleted files, they are not counted against your quota.
CloudSpace suite manages to store the deleted files in up to 50% of your free space, so if the deleted file exceeds 50% of the free available space, the oldest files start to be deleted automatically until it reaches again the 50% maximum limit.
Your Quota counts only for your files, the files that you uploaded on your cloud, and the files that you have shared, but not the files that have been shared with you. If you share a folder allowing others to upload files to it, then this storage space will be counted against your quota.
If you re-share files that are shared with you, the storage space counts against the file owner quota, not yours.
Metadata, such as encryption key, cache, and temporary files, occupy about 10% of the disk space, but still not counted against your Quota. The database for the calendar and contact apps also are not counted against your quota.

What are CloudSpace encryption layers?

CloudSpace Suite is using a system of multilayer encryption protection, and each layer protects your files against a certain threat forming a strong protection army for your data.
These layers are as follows:
-Data transfer encryption.
-Storage encryption.
-End-to-end encryption.

How can I add my contacts?

To add a new contact either:
– Import a VCF file
– Add it manually

What is the two-factor authentication?

The 2FA is a method used to guarantee that no one but you can access your account. How? By configuring two secret keys required for a successful login. As an example and also the most communally used 2FA are, a login password and a code or a text sent to your mobile number.

What is the external storage that I can connect with?

WorldPosta Storage allows you to mount your files to an external storage such as google drive, Dropbox, and Amazon S3.

Why are some files frequently uploaded to the server, even when they are not modified locally?

There could be another program changing the modification date of the file, so if the file is using .eml extension, then its modification date is changed automatically and frequently by the Windows

Syncing is not working when trying to sync sub-folder deeper than 100.

By default, CloudSpace Desktop client is limited to sync no deeper than 100 sub-directories in order to prevent any infinite loops while syncing.

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