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Our Own Infrastructure

Take advantage of storing your data on the cloud with our datacenters that are geographically distributed in multiple destinations and monitored by highly qualified engineers.

Dedicated Live Support

Our support team offers you a dedicated support, live, 24/7 with a dedicated project manager to make sure that everything is working as it should be.

Utmost Security and Privacy

We fully protect your data with multi-layer Firewalls, multi-layer anti-virus, and end-to-end encryption.

Dominate, Orchestrate, and Prosper

Simple, feature-rich, and clutter-free web interface

Our simplified interface will guide you automatically through its functions. Though being fully featured, it is a lot cleaner and work much better than those interfaces that implement fewer functions.
To facilitate group work, CloudSpace interface is implementable by any class and goes flow with regular users to automate repetitive and boring tasks.

Control and trace every activity done by anyone.

Via file access control and automatic file tagging, administrators can control data access by setting strict rules. Additionally, you can utilize these rules and restrictions to enforce the company policy on data sharing.

Browse your files stored in the cloud in external storage

While CloudSpace provides users with gigantic storage that reaches to 10TB per user, you can duplicate this storage by linking CloudSpace storage with external storage like GDrive and OneDrive to easily show and pair files and folders and share them across your teams to automate workflow.

Upload large files and attach them directly into your message.

Our Outlook plugin is designed to enable users to upload large files and attach them easily into your messages. Furthermore, you can schedule a meeting by sharing the link into the location bar with Outlook to start a quicker and more convenient meeting.

View and edit documents seamless together with your teams

LibreOffice enables you edit your documents online in real time with other multiple editors. You can also insert and reply to comments and invite others with no account with WorldPosta to edit with a public link shared folder.
LibreOffice is compatible with dozens of document such as (.doc, .docx), (.xls, .xlsx), and (.ppt, .pptx) and further you can export your work in many different formats.


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Main Collaboration Tools

CloudSpace Groupware


CloudSpace Toolkit

CloudSpace offers a wide range of productivity tools like calendaring, contacts, quick notes, task manager to help teams get things done quicker and easier.

  • Create and share multiple calendars.
  • Share address books.
  • Crate task boards.

Online Meetings

You can start a voice or video calls and schedule meetings with multiple parties all uniquely secure and end-to-end encrypted to protect privacy even better than Zoom and Slack.

  • Have internal chat.
  • Make a voice call.
  • Make a video call.

Draw.io Plugin

With Draw.io interface, you will have a huge library of shapes and diagrams to create charts and maps and edit them online with colleagues and customers while calling or screen sharing.

  • Create flowcharts and mid-maps.
  • Create network or sequence diagrams.
  • Insert and configure images.

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