Frequently Asked Questions

How can I calculate the cost of my resources and storage capacity?

You can configure your resources manually with our automated specs and cost calculator and be aware of the cost in comparison with other service providers.

Can I resize my VMs resources?

Yes, you can change CPUs, RAM, and storage allocations via the self-service MyCloud Director tenant portal and API. You can add or remove processors and memory from VMs if the OS supports the “hot add” capability.

What is the speed of each CPU?

The speed is set up in accordance with your choice of CPU cores for all VMs.

What is pool of resources?

It is a set of resources that are attainable to assign unlimited VMs that are made up of specific CPUs, RAM, storage, and networking, along with on-demand external storage capacities for backup and recovery.

What is hybrid cloud?

Hybrid cloud denotes a blend of computing, storage, and services environments comprised of on-premises infrastructure, private cloud services, and a public cloud.

Can I create encryption on the VM?

Though it is not presented by default, MyCloud can provide powerful data-at-rest encryption with integrated key management to secure VMs and their data throughout their lifecycle, from deployment to decommission Besides, you can implement encryption using the technology of your choice inside the VM’s Operating System.

Is it possible to non-fast-provision vApps, and to convert current vApps into non-fast-provisioned ones?

Fast deployment is enabled solely by customer request; by default, all vApps are non-fast-provisioned. Customers can right-click on a VM and consolidate.

What reports can I get about VM performance?

You can monitor VM performance using the standard tools within the operating system of your VMs. Additionally, MyCloud provides retrospective performance information via its Admin Panel API.

Can you supervise my VMs?

MyCloud does not supervise the customers’ operating systems or applications; rather, we monitor the fundamental platform. Likewise, the customers can ingrain their monitoring solutions into their Virtual Data Center.

Does your platform provide auto-scaling?

The platform is already brilliantly designed to allow smooth scaling with a few efforts by developers. But it does not auto-scale inherently.

How easily can I scale my service up or down?

You scale horizontally by adding additional VMs (which occurs regularly in a few minutes). Also you can scale vertically by adding vCPU or RAM to a VM and this operation usually takes a few seconds.

What kind of the hypervisor do you use?

MyCloud virtual environment is designed using VMware vSphere. The most universal and mature hypervisor available to create, run, and monitor VMs.

What are the technology brands you use for your hardware?

We utilize the most premier hardware brands to offer the utmost performance and availability. We combined the hardware technologies of Dell EMC and Intel with next generation VMware software to leverage the resources and bring about the best performance.

How many IP addresses do I gain for my compute resources?

You initially get an allocated one IP address for your pool of resources. Rather, you can seek more external IP addresses allocated to your Compute resources. There is no limit for IP addresses that you can allocate on demand for extra fees.

What Firewall services do you present for my resources?

MyCloud offers and manages a borderline firewall on the edge of our Secure cloud platform which securely segregates traffic. Within the MyCloud for environment, we provide you with a dedicated self-managed virtual firewall that delivers typical firewall functionality such as access control lists and network address translation, as well as basic load balancing and support for VPNs. You can also use your preferred firewall and security devices, as long as they’re compatible with the MyCloud virtual infrastructure used to power the MyCloud Assured cloud platform. MyCloud also offers the additional benefits of a Distributed Firewall (DFW). An advanced security feature, DFW enables you to create security groups based on VM names, IP address and groups, which in turn enable the creation of firewall rules that are pinned to the VM. This makes firewall rules portable and simplifies the configuration and application. DFW is part of MyCloud for VMware’s Advanced Management bundle.

Can I bring my own Firewall license?

Definitely, you can choose to deploy the firewall technology of your choice.

How can I create and manage Firewall rules?

You can exclusively manage your MyCloud-provided dedicated virtual Firewall. You can set and manage firewall rules via the MyCloud Director tenant portal and API.

Do you offer dynamic or static IP addresses?

The external IP addresses are static. Internal IPs can be assigned statically from a pool, manually or dynamically via DHCP.

How much storage do I need to build a VM?

Virtually, it is up to you as long as it accords with the pool of resources you have purchased in your tenant. But, the operating system you choose when creating the VM will require the storage, CPUs, and RAM it needs.

Can I have external storage capacity for backup and recovery?

Surely, among the resources that we offer are the external storage that include object and block storage to use for recovering and restoring your data whenever it needs.

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