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Enterprise Grade Cloud & VMware Hosting


VMware Hosting

MyCloud VMware Private Cloud Hosting Solutions are designed to reach the highest performance needed to run your businesses and applications. We offer an ultra-flexible service to fit in to your business at any time.

Managed Firewall

Our team of certified security experts provides 24/7/365 to protect your systems and networks against threats, monitor networks, and analyze security incidents.

Private Cloud

Private Cloud Hosting is made when your business requires a private environment, MyCloud has the solution: Private Cloud. Full scalability and flexibility with the control and customization feature you need.
Managed Services

You Choose the Resources and We Manage Them for Your Business

Fast Data Read

DP Backups are implemented at the block-level to read data directly from the disk, bypassing the complex file system.

Many Retention Points

CDP Backups will preserve many retention points, allowing you to control the number of data save points within a specified period of time.

Crash Recovery

In the event of a crash, our solutions will completely recover your server with all of its contents, including pre-set functionality.

Data Retention Policies

Choose from a variety of replication settings to automatically merge and recycle storage to match your custom data retention policies.

Intrusion Prevention Systems

Our Intrusion Prevention system is a software that monitors your network traffic for unusual activities, the kind of activities that violates policies.

Intrusion Detection and Blocking

24/7 Network monitoring to prevent abnormal or unusual activities from suspicious sites.

Thorough Filtering

Our filtering and inspection systems filter out fake URL requests (by application, source, destination IP, IP protocol or by destination port for TCP and UDP traffic) only allowing legitimate addresses to pass across the Security Perimeter.

Reporting and Monitoring

Our firewall systems track and store historical network activity to continually monitor and report on the network’s speed, health and status.

Load Balancing

To increase the power of your systems, we offer a load balancing feature for distributing data load between multiple servers.

Global Blacklisting

Our firewall systems allow you to prevent access to your network by blocking IP addresses coming from specific geolocations, even entire countries.

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My Cloud Storage Services

Anytime Sync
Object Storage

We offer reliable, on-demand object storage to store more files and media and deliver them globally and retrieve at amazing speed.

Block Storage

As most databases broaden over time, we offer fast and scalable block storage to respond to your increased storage requirements.

Flash Storage

With exploding data volumes, we offer flash storage to accelerate application performance, save cost, and modernize your data center.

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