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Unlimited VMs
Enjoy a pool of resources to create unlimited Virtual Machines, set up the Operating System, and import your databses and workloads easily to process your operations. Book a Demo Launch MyCloud

Maximum Virtual Cloud Performance with MyCloud

Unleash your apps' true power with expansive Virtual Machine Hosting from MyCloud Cloud Hosting Platform

Resilient Cloud Computing Environment That Suits
Your Desired Architecture​

99.9% Availability

99.9% SLA uptime to ensure always-on VMs to successfully operate your business.


Based on the performance and upgrades, you can adjust your cloud computing resources whenever you need.

Precisely Elastic

allocate and adjust virtual machine resources as you to optimize your hosted apps operations.

Top Performance

Unmatched computing performance backed up by latest server technologies and components.


Matchless security architecture and well-executed policies to keep your organization safe.

Cost Efficiency

Only pay for the resources you need and create unlimited VMs to maximize your virtualization ROI


Automate data provisioning while maintaining your business core operating regularly .

App Images

1 click to deploy app & OS images for quick launch and you get to BYOL later one, turnkey start supported.

Build, Combine, and Adjust Virtual Machines

Administer and Orchestrate your Cloud Computing

Transfer, Safeguard and Back up

Globally Renowned Computing Infrastructure
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Flexible Cloud Hosting Plans for all virtualization needs

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Computing Power / PriceSTARTERPRO
Computing Power / Price
Unlimited VMs
Distribute your allocated resources on as many VMs as you wish for development, testing and administration, etc...
vCore1 Core2 Cores4 Cores8 Cores
Flash Storage50 GB80 GB160 GB220 GB
Flash IOPS
Internal Network10 GB10 GB10 GB10 GB
Internet1 GB1 GB1 GB1 GB
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Extra 1GB SSD

$ 0.12 USD / Mo

Extra 1TB SSD

$ 120 USD / Mo

Extra NIC

$ 10 USD / Mo

Extra IPs

$ 10 USD / Mo

Extra 1GB SSD ​

$0.12 USD/Mo

Extra 1 TB SSD

$120 USD/Mo

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    We usually are asked about these questions, here are the answers

    It is an innovated flexible methodology of cloud resources that enables users to take control of the computational resources and capabilities. You can formulate, edit, and reshape unlimited child hierarchies or Virtual Machines (VMs) with scalable allocated resources.

    With Cloud Resources Pool, you will be able to delegate the mission of administering the resources into different IT practitioners with certain permissions and restrictions. Those administrators will be authored to do any of the following:

    • Group various resources into other child resource pools or VMs to manage systems and apps.
    • Add, remove, or re-shape the resources pool or re-allocate them as needed.
    • Apportion the resources into smaller allotted ones and distribute them among departments, such as Marketing Team, Quality Team, and Production Team.
    • Create unlimited virtual machines (VMs) with the boundaries of your resources and scale them up or down upon your needs.
    • Create redundancy strategy by allocating storage capacities for automatic pre-planned backup.
    • Have different networking solutions (such as VPNs, Cloud Firewalls, Load Balancers, and floating Ips) to connect your resources even with on-premises servers to communicate the data smoothly between different systems and apps.
    • With just a few click, automate provisioning of your workloads and deploy the apps and systems you want.

    You initiate your resources by combining the CPU, memory, hardware, and storage. Then you create the network that connects the VMs with each other and the external ones and the outside world.

    1. Select “New Resource Pool.”
    2. Type a name to identify the resource pool.
    3. Specify how to allocate CPU and memory resources either by accepting the pre-formatted containers and then reformat them or tailor the resources yourself.
    4. Divide the resources into the Virtual Machines (VMs) with no limits as long as within the boundaries of your resources.

    Assume that you have resource pool that provides 8GHz of CPU and 3GB of memory that must be shared between your Marketing and QA Departments. You also want to share the resources unevenly, giving one department (e.g., QA) a higher priority. This can be accomplished by creating a resource pool for each department and using the Shares attribute to prioritize the allocation of resources.

    Sure, you can have full control over your resources and VMs settings to manage the performance according to your business needs. Assume that you have two Virtual Machines (VMs): one for the Production and the other for the Quality. In case you find, for instance, the Production VM is memory intensive, you can easily change the resources allocation settings for the two VMs to enhance the memory of any of them within the boundaries of your allocated resources.

    Yes, once you combine your resources, you will have the option of choosing from pre-configured VMs to accelerate the process of building up your own virtual data centers.

    Yes, sure! Whatever service or solution you need to integrate with your Pool of Resources and VMs, we can bring it and manage it to you and incorporate them into environment.

    Absolutely, our Support Team is dedicated to offering you the services you need, from the technical support and migration and deployment services, to project management.

    Sure, VMs can communicate with each other. You will also have the capability of getting a built-in service IPSec VPN functionality within our secure cloud platform.

    MyCloud environment is using VMware vSphere which is the most meticulous and efficient hypervisor available and on which most premier service providers depend on.

    Sure, this is a complete cloud service that enables its users to access their VMs autonomously via multiple devices either as an administrator or normal user. Using KVM, VMRC enables you to access your VMs via multiple devices and through different ways of connection.

     When reserving your resources, you initially get allocated one external PSN IP address. Further, you can request additional IP address via a Service Request in case you need. We have no limit for the number of IP addresses you may have.

    MyCloud environment utilizes a premier firewall solution on the edge of our secure infrastructure to control and safeguard the traffic. Additionally, we can implement multi-layer firewall filtering on the NIC level.

    You can also use your own preferred firewall solution and apply your own license.

    Sure, you are allowed to take snapshots of your system for up to 3 times a month as long as you have the disk space to store on. In case you need more than 3 times a month, you will be incurred fees for extra times. 

    Certainly, the Edge Firewall gives you the basic VPN function to let your VMs communicate with each other. Additionally, you can have Site-to-Site for free to function as an encrypted link between your cloud VMs and on-premises ones and client/private VPN to get secure connection between your client desktop and cloud VMs.

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