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Solid-State Drive (SSD) for fastest data transfer.

Using Solid-State Drives on cloud storage gives you the ultimate performance and the fastest writing to your storage units.

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Why Choose Flash Storage from MyCloud?

Next Generation SSD Drives

Our piece-of-art SSD storage systems are designed to host any size of your data

Cost Effective

Save costs without sacrificing performance.

Ultimate Security

Store your data and secure it from unauthorized access with advanced encryption features.

Flexible, Easy and Instant Provisioning

Control your resources, upgrade or downgrade whenever you need.

High Availability Guarantee

We provide you with 99.99% durability and availability.

High Performance

SSD Flash-Storage devices are offered all from a pure SSD-based storage solution


High IOPS for Fastest Data Transfer

  • Solid-State Drives provides you with the highest number of Input/Output Operations Per Second (IOPS), unlike the traditional HDD.
  • We achieved the highest number of IOPS ever experienced.

High Transaction Rate

  • Using SSD will provide you with the highest performance in the workloads that require a high-transaction-rate (such as SQL)
  • Easy to use management