Getting all your services from one provider


All your services from one provider

Anything in this world consists of pieces when these pieces are united in a homogeneous way,

it gives you one strong and complete piece.

Let me give you an example to clarify the concept, assuming that you are playing with a puzzle and you are trying to fit pieces into the right places.

What happens if you try to put a piece in a wrong place or if you try to place a piece from a totally different puzzle?

Probably this could ruin the puzzle and the whole image will never be completed or consolidated

Implementing this example on our topic, the whole puzzle is the business solution framework, the pieces of the puzzle are the different services or products that form that business solution.

A set of services or products that are offered and supported by one cloud provider is always a better choice for a strong business solution frame

This will lead to the concept of bundles, to get a bundle satisfying all your business needs from one cloud service provider is easier and more efficient the getting each service from a different provider

Advantages of working with one provider

-Guarantee a consolidated and fully compatible business solution that satisfy all your work needs.
Taking, for example, WorldPosta email service provider can offer a full bundle including everything you could possibly need to accomplish your work effectively and efficiently
having all your needs in one place is a key point for a successful company.

-Your employees can work easier with one properly integrated solution offered by one provider which could lead to an increase in productivity.

-A cost for a bundle is always cheaper than the cost for separated services, so buying a bundle will save your budget

-If a problem occurs in the system it will be easier to determine and trace the cause when the business solution is fully and properly integrated.
You will have to contact the technical support team for only one side to solve the issue.
Frankly talking, if you are getting your services from a different provider you could get lost in the circle of contacting each technical support team and getting the reply “it’s not our issue please contact your other service provider”

-The integration process between your IT team and the service provider will be much easier when working with only one provider. The IT team members will have to work only on one Control panel to manage the system administration.