Getting the most out of your email


Getting the most out of your email

We all know the importance of an email for business communications, as it’s the gate to your business’s audience, partners and your own employees. It’s where you share important information and sensitive data, and furthermore if you are choosing a good and friendly business email service provider, you will be able to use it as an organization tool for your folders and sub-folders, for your events and tasks and even more functions and features that you maybe, didn’t know they exist within your email tools.

WorldPosta email important features:

In this article, we will concentrate on the important features that you could benefit out of your WorldPosta cloud email service.

-Collaboration tools:

• WorldPosta is using the shared calendar option, having all the events and meetings scheduled and shared between the concerned people
you can also check the calendar for your manager as an example so if you want to have a meeting with him you can find the available free slot to reserve a meeting

• An address book is available to store and display a list of all the contacts within the company making the communication easier and faster to find the needed address either for a chat or for sending an email address, you can choose the suitable way of connection.

- Tracking Messages:
You can track a specific subject or a word by setting a number of rules in order not to lose track of a certain important topic you wish to follow up on

-  Monitoring:
You can monitor the mailbox for your employees by having the option to accept or reject an email before being sent to recipients and you could also include a comment explaining the reasons for rejection.

- Recovery:
Deleted emails are following safe recovery plans that you can set yourself.

Permanently deleted emails can be recovered up to 60 days.
Deleted emails can be recovered up to 356 days

- Grouping:
You can set groups for your contacts, as for example, Have a group with the name “IT department” another group “HR department”.
That way if you need to address a specific department in your company you can simply choose the corresponding created group.

-  Incredible Search:
A quick and effective advanced search tool is available to help you reach the needed lost email. You can search with keywords included in the message body or even in attached file content.

-  Messages Recall:
Recall any email before being read by the recipients

-  Manage Security options:
You can protect your data if a device is lost or stolen, by wiping it all

All of these features are available in WorldPosta system, and even more to explore!