How to Recover Permanently-Deleted Emails


How to Recover Permanently-Deleted Emails


How many times have you mistakenly deleted an important email? How many times have you deleted an email and noticed that after a few months while searching for it? Is it permanently deleted? Oops!

Well no more worries, now you can recover your deleted emails

-Let’s first discuss the easy case, note: there could be some slight changes depending on the used email service provider so we will take worldposta server provider as an example:

● Your email is not deleted permanently, and it still exists in the “deleted items” folder:

Access the “deleted items” folder choose the message you want and simply select recover option

● Your email is permanently deleted and does not exist in the deleted item folder

Access your “deleted items” folder and click “recover deleted items from this folder”, select the message you want and choose to recover

This recovery is not just applicable to deleted emails, but also you can restore any calendar item, contacts or tasks. All items are recovered back to their original place.

How many days can your system hold your deleted messages?

This depends on the settings option, and the mail service you are using.
As most of the default options, once you sign out, your deleted items folder is emptied
but of course, these settings can be changed to hold your deleted items longer

Taking WorldPosta cloud mail service as an example, Deleted emails are following safe recovery plans that you can set.

Permanently deleted emails can be recovered up to 60 days.
Deleted emails can be recovered up to 356 days

Since the emailing system holds all the important communications and sensitive data for your company, all the scheduled events, and the assigned tasks, then it’s important to manage how to recover your communications and all your system components.