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In-House or Cloud Exchange?

Each corporate has its own email database that needs to be stored safely and efficiently.

As a business owner, you may have a lot of concerns regarding how to store your company’s data and communications including sensitive ones. Some of these concerns are where to store these data? How to manage it? And how much this storage and maintenance will cost you?

Well, let us start by answering the “Where” question by two terms, In-house Exchange or Hosted Exchange.

● In-House Exchange: You may choose to store your communication data on your own Exchange servers that your team built by themselves in your corporate and you will have the full control over this data centre

● Hosted Exchange: Or you may choose to store your data over a hosting Cloud so that the provider will make a Microsoft Email for you located on remote servers


So now let’s take a closer look at each of the above options to help you take the right decision for your corporate. We will use Worldposta, the cloud base email service, as an example to better explain some features

  In-House Exchange Hosted Exchange
Pricing Despite the initial budget needed in order to build up your email data centre from scratch,

You will never know how your business communication will grow or how often you will need maintenance for your system components or when you need to save a failure. These are unpredictable expenses,

you will need a capital to pay for

The price is a known fixed one that you pay monthly for the hosted service per user. This makes things easier to manage your budget
Operating Expenses You will need to set a specific budget for all software and hardware components. And

since your IT team will be the one responsible to manage and maintain your in-house data centre then this will also cost you time and effort

There will be some initial expenses for installation and one-time migration in order to set up the needed services and minimal ongoing IT maintenance costs.

So the payment here is just to receive the service

Storage As your corporate is growing you will need to increase your email capacity so you could be able to manage all the incoming and outgoing communications needed .this capacity increase, cost you more resources(servers, software) and more time As your corporate is growing your email capacity is easily increased using the latest technologies to adjust to your work needs. As for WorldPosta, it can offer multiple plans and you can choose based on your business needs. They offer a capacity up to 200GB storage per user and 35MB attachment size
Expertise Your IT team will need to have expertise on how to install and built the exchange server and how to maintain it effectively. So you may need frequently held training You will depend on the expertise of the hosting exchange provider and free your IT team from this headache.
WorldPosta Technical support team are available 24/7 to solve any issues
Upgrades Your team will be responsible to make sure that the system is up running  and upgraded to the latest version The system is up running and updated to the latest version automatically with no worries
Scalability Managing growth is a complex process. As the company’s email grows you will need more resources, an adaptive network and software in order to have the ability to run your system effectively with no downtime or failures. And again it’s your IT team responsibility with your budget support to set up the system properly The system is flexible to scalability changes by adding and deleting users easily. The hosting provider is frequently updating the system to fit all needed changes. Your email system is always ready to handle all your business demand which gives more stability to your communication system and therefore your production flow.
Protection Your communication network needs to be exclusively protected against any spam or any external harm. So your team, again and again, is still responsible to provide the latest, updated and most advanced protection layers and antiviruses to keep your communications save In case of the hosted exchange the protection layers and antivirus/spam are already built in to scan your system and prevent any unwanted messages to ruin your network
As for WorldPosta, an email filtering server is used to manage the protection process by applying several stages of scanning before approving the message safety. These stages include anti-spam layers, anti-viruses, Malware detection, images analysis, content blocking and more several intelligent built-in techniques
Disaster Recovery Disasters are unpredictable, then your system could go suddenly down. To face that sudden disaster you will need to have backups and clusters and email archives to keep a clean copy of your data so that your team can take back your system up. These processes are overwhelming  for any company and it’s time-consuming Your email system is always available due to the built-in continuity system to ensure that your system will not go down
For WorldPosta, servers are distributed in 35 available zones and are integrated with Amazon AWS servers which guarantee a high availability with maximum performance


Cloud computing technologies are used to solve a lot of complexity that are facing business these days from the financial side, the ease and flexibility of use from another side.

Now that you knew how to face your work complexity, how to ensure the best levels of security furthermore, in what way to face your communication and business growth, I hope this could help you to take the best decision for your company. I believe it’s not difficult any more to decide what the best is for your company.