Outlook Keyboard shortcuts

Outlook Keyboard shortcuts

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Many users prefer using their keyboard while using Outlook or Webmail, which makes them more productive and efficient during their daily tasks.

Most used Shortcuts for Outlook app for windows:
Action Keyboard shortcut
Close Escape or Enter
Go to Home tab Alt+H
New message Ctrl+Shift+M
Send Alt+S
Insert file Alt+N, A, F
New task Ctrl+Shift+K
Delete Delete (when a message, task, or meeting is selected)
Search Ctrl+E Alt+H, R, P
Reply Alt+H, R, P
Forward Alt+H, F, W
Reply All Alt+H, R, A
Copy Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert
Note: Ctrl+Insert is not available in the Reading pane.
Send/Receive Alt+S, S
Go to calendar Ctrl+2
Create appointment Ctrl+Shift+A
Move to folder Alt+H, M, V, select folder from list
Attachment SaveAs Alt+JA, A, S
Search for a message or other item Ctrl+E
Create an appointment Ctrl+Shift+A
Create a contact Ctrl+Shift+C
Create a folder Ctrl+Shift+E
Create a meeting request Ctrl+Shift+Q
Create a message Ctrl+Shift+M
Switch to Inbox Ctrl+Shift+I
Send Alt+S
Reply to a message Ctrl+R
Reply All to a message Ctrl+Shift+R
Forward a message Ctrl+F
Mark a message as not junk Ctrl+Alt+J
Check for new messages Ctrl+M or F9
Mark as read Ctrl+Q
Mark as unread Ctrl+U
Print Ctrl+P
Find a contact F11
Most used Shortcuts for Webmail (OWA)
Add attachment Alt, then H, and then AF simultaneously
Bold Ctrl+B
Close message Esc
Copy Ctrl+C
Create new email message Ctrl+N
Create new item Ctrl+N
Delete message or item Delete
Forward message Ctrl+F
Forward mail as an attachment Ctrl+Alt+F
Go to calendar Ctrl+2
Insert file
  • Alt+N, then AF simultaneously to Attach File in new message
  • Alt+N, then AM simultaneously to insert Outlook Item in new message
  • Alt+N, then AA simultaneously to insert Business Card in new message
  • Alt+N, then AA simultaneously to insert Calendar in new message
Move to folder Ctrl+Shift+B
Open Enter
Read email message Enter
Reply all to email message Ctrl+Shift+R
Reply to email message Ctrl+R
Search Ctrl+E
Send email message Alt+S
Send/receive F9
Create new message. Ctrl+N or N
Forward selected message. Ctrl+Shift+F
Close new message Esc

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