WorldPosta setup process

WorldPosta setup process
This article is to get you to know more when you decide to move your organization to WorldPosta.
The process is simple, and with no expected downtime for your company.

(1) Enter Your data:
once you choose your plan, in the next page add your basic information (name, email, phone number, and your company’s name) in order to proceed to the next step.
(2) Add domain.
After this step, you’ll be asked to enter your company’s details
(3) Verify Email:
You’ll receive a verification mail, with a link to your control panel portal, login using your credentials
(4)Domain Verification
To start using WorldPosta service, you need to verify your domain (the domain you want to set up the service for).
Domain verification is to make sure that you own or manage this domain, and you have the administrative privilege for this domain required to complete the process
(5) Add users:
Once your domain is verified, you can add or import start adding users and Email addresses. Also you can add or import groups. You can set more than email for one user, set general information and other features.
To know how to do this step
(6) Change MX records
You’ll need to update your MX records (from your website hosting provider) to start receiving messages in your WorldPosta mailboxes.
To know how to do this step
(7) IMAP migration:
The most recommended way to migrate from previous service provider with WorldPosta because it’s an essential factor for Zero-Time Migration.
(8)SPF records configuration:
SPF (Sender Policy Framework) is a type of DNS record published in the domain’s DNS that identifies the email servers that are permitted to send emails using the particular domain name. The main purpose is to make the server recognize and reduce SPAM and spoofing.
(9) DKIM configuration:
DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) is an authentication system. DKIM validates emails and detect email spoofing

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