We care about security,

Security is the key of Availability.

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Intelligent Anti-Spam

Intelligent Anti-Spam monitors the user behavior and learns from his actions with messages, as if the user regularly delete messages from a certain sender, the Anti-Spam by time will doubt messages from this sender, and before receiving other message from this sender, Anti-Spam engine will send you a notification by the upcoming message details and let you choose between “Release” or “Block” options..

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End-to-End Encryption

Never let an unauthorized one to play the role of the Sniffer with your data, with a complete encryption system make sure that just the authorized person can access his messages, regardless the access method, End-to-End Encryption is working upper all access client, Outlook application, Web interface and mobile connections.

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Multi Security Layers

To give our customer a trusted secured environment for their data, we build our security system in manner of multi-layers; multi-layers of Firewall, multi-layers of Anti-Virus and multi-layers of Anti-Spam; in each layer one of the most powerful security engine, all of them are fully updated, all of them are working in parallel to get the optimum security results.

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