Mailboxes, Shared Mailboxes, Distribution Lists, and Room mailbox.

Mailboxes (User mailbox):

It’s your own mailbox assigned to you like this: [email protected], It requires a license from WorldPosta and a username/ password to log in.
Mailboxes are solely for emails that the assigned user receives or sends.

Shared Mailboxes:

It’s a mailbox where that multiple users can use it to read and send email messages. A shared mailbox can also be used also to provide a common calendar to allow multiple users to schedule and view time slots

Why set up a shared mailbox?

1. To provide a generic email address (for example [email protected])
2. For departments in your organization to provide a centralized service to employees (for example Human Resources, or Help Desk).
3. Allows multiple users to monitor and reply to an email that is sent to an email address.
4. To ha handle customer email queries, because many multiple users in your organization can share the responsibility of monitoring the shared mailbox and responding to queries.
Please note that a shared mailbox doesn’t have its own username/password, you can’t log into a shared mailbox directly using mail clients (Outlook or OWA), a user must be granted a permission to the shared mailbox and then access it.

Shared Mailboxes Permissions:

Shared mailboxes can be created with the following permissions
1. Full Access: lets the user log into the shared mailbox as an owner he can create read, view, and delete calendar items also ha can create tasks and contacts. However, a user with full access needs Send As or Send on Behalf permissions
2. Send As: lets a user sends as the shared mailbox, the mail appears to the recipients as the same address as the shared mailbox.
3. Send on Behalf: lets a user send an email message on behalf of the shared mailbox.

Distribution lists:

It’s a feature that allows you to create a list of email addresses and send messages to all of its members at once. The list address is the same as the regular email address.
For example: if you want to send a message to the list of users of the finance department, you can send them all messages at once.

Room Mailboxes:

A room mailbox is a resource mailbox It’s assigned to a physical location, such as a conference room, users can easily reserve This room by including room mailboxes in their meeting requests.

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