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Managed Firewall

Our team of certified security experts provides 24/7/365 to protect your systems and networks against threats.

What we do?

Our services include but not limited to:

  • We monitor your network security.
  • Control and monitor your networks.
  • Detect vulnerabilities.
  • Analyzing security incidents.
  • Monitor your logs.
  • Tailored services to your organization needs.
  • Regularly check the state of your devices and resources.
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Managed Next generation Firewall Features

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Thorough Filtering

Our filtering and inspection systems filters out fake url requests (by application, source, destination IP, IP protocol or by destination port for TCP and UDP traffic) only allowing legitimate addresses to pass across the Security Perimeter.

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Reporting and Monitoring

Our firewall systems track and store historical network activity to continually monitor and report on the network’s speed, health and status.

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Global Blacklisting

Our firewall systems allow you to prevent access to your network by blocking IP addresses coming from specific geolocations, even entire countries.

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Load Balancing

To increase the power of your systems, we offer a load balancing feature for distributing data load between multiple servers.

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