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Microsoft Dynamics Managed service can help you improve your operations,

increase your performance and gives you the chance to focus on your core business.

Microsoft Dynamics Managed Service from MyCloud

What we can do?


  • Our team will monitor your SQL and middle-tier application servers.
  • Our team will periodically check your service status of critical SQL or Dynamics Services.
  • Monitor resource consumption.
  •  Monitor your backup jobs.
  • Servers, networks, and infrastructure 24/7 monitoring.
  • SQL and Windows error logs.
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  • Perform database engine review.
  • Engage in Performance Tests including a stress test, load test and IOPS test.
  • Analyze queries, waits, queues, index and scan fragmentation, TempDB capacity and more.
  • Test and validate storage infrastructure.
  • Optimize your database and supporting systems to ensure best performance.


  • Build/Remove Indexes
  • Review and adjust general SQL Configuration
  • Update Statistics
  • Review and adjust SQL Security, SQL networking setup, and hardware setup
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  • Apply version service packs and security patches
  • Monitor and apply hotfixes
  • Implement tax and year-end updates
  • Inform and guide you when it’s time to upgrade to the newer version


  •  Define and follow your backup and business continuity plan
  • Complete a backup of your entire Dynamics environment
  • Ensure all SQL backup scripts exist and are set up correctly
  •  Audit and adjust Log Files and Drive Allocation
  •  Test and correct data restoration
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  • Assist in creating, changing or optimizing reports
  • Tweak a workflow or help clear a workflow roadblock
  • Re-condition customizations
  • Ensure all integrations are fully operational
  • Cover and manage any work we have delivered, including customizations, integrations and add-on’s

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