Managing attachments

Managing attachments


WorldPosta provides multiple options to manage the attachments you receive in your emails. You can view different types of attached files like Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Images, PDF, Text files directly in the browser or Outlook App. You can also download them locally or perform other actions.

View Attachments

WorldPosta provides a quick view of most of the common type of attachments you receive. Files such as Documents and Spreadsheets can be viewed within the browser. The common files such as pdf, images, text files, videos and other media you receive can also be previewed in the browser itself, based on the built-in preview options supported by the browser you use.

How to view an attachment within WorldPosta Webmail?

1. Open the message you want to view its attachment.

2. Under the attachment icon, click on Open in Browser.

3. A new browser menu will appear with a view of your attachment.

The following attachments types can be viewed with the browser (and Outlook App)

.docx, .doc, .sxw, .odt, .rtf

.xlsx, .xls, .sxc, .ods, .csv, .tsv

Download Attachments

You can download the required attachment to your device, when you have multiple attachments in the email, you can download them all as a .Zip file.

How to download attachments?

WorldPosta Webmail

Simply, click on the attachment you want to download, select the destination folder, and then click OK.

Outlook App

Simply, right-click on the attachment you want to download. Then select Save As to save this particular file, or select Save All Attachment to download all attachment in .Zip file.