Migration Process


*It means to transfer the data from the old email to the new email one if it exists.

– You can access it from the dashboard and choose Migration.



-To make new migration, click on the plus icon at the right-top corner. 



-Enter the migration name and then click on “Next”.



– You will be redirected to the following page where you can choose to migrate only one account by filling this form with the needed source and destination info.

*Source: The Old Email Info.

*Destination: WorldPosta Email Info.


-Or to click on “Accounts” at the top of the page beside Migrations and choose to download a sample where you have to fill all the emails source and destination info that you want to migrate as a bulk, then click on upload bulk, and browse the filled sample sheet.




Here we will go through filling the form for only one account which will be the same list of info as for the bulk.

-Click back on the plus icon at the top right corner.

Fill the below form:



The Source info:

Assuming we are migrating from Gmail to WorldPosta, so here you will have to fill the information related to your Gmail.
User Name: your Gmail address
Password: your Gmail Password
Server Type: Gmail

-For different server types, you will have to enter your Server name:
 Fill in this field with your IMAP server name.
 If you don’t remember your server name you can try:
 Or try to change the security from none to SSL and vice versa.

-You can migrate all folders in the folder option or choose to exclude some folders or exclude the inbox folder.


– Then click on “Validate Credentials”.



-You will notice an X mark beside your source info and a message at the top indicating that you should allow your Gmail to allow less-secured application access.



-Click on here, beside the message at the top.

-You will be redirected to log in to your Gmail. 


-You will have to turn on the “less secure app access” option by clicking on the below shown button:



-Open your Gmail, you will receive a security alert email.

-Click on Check activity, then on the next redirected page click on “Yes, it was me”.




-Get back to the main migration form and click on “Validate Credentials” again, and you will notice that the red X beside your source info turned into a green checkmark.  



Destination info:

-Here we will fill the form with WorldPosta email details.



Email: The new email on WorldPosta
Password: The password on WorldPosta
Server name: WorldPosta
Date Range: Choose the date for the emails you want to transfer during the migration.

-You will have to enter your data then click on Validate Credentials to validate your destination info and get the green checkmark.



-Click on Save to proceed with the migration or save and new to create a new migration.



*You will notice in the below image, your migration destination, source and status listed, and a start button at the right corner to start the migration.  

Select the migration and then click on Start.

-A confirmation pop-up will open, click Start.



-The migration process will start and you will notice that the migration status will be changed to in process.



-And the count for the total transmitted emails will start under the “Total” column.



*Open your WorldPosta email and check for the transmitted emails and you will notice that the number beside the “inbox” will start counting up as emails add up.




-At the end of the process, the status will turn to be Completed.




*Here you can see the actions taken by your account regarding the migration process.



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