My messages won’t send

My messages won’t send

If you see your messages stuck in the Outbox, and it doesn’t reach its recipient, try the following methods to fix this issue.

– Outlook maybe disconnected or offline

Check out the information bar at the bottom of Outlook window:

If you see DisconnectedWorking Offline, or Trying to connect…, that means that Outlook can’t connect to the email server and it can’t send your messages.

How to solve this issue?

Click on Send/Receive, in the Performance section click on Work Offline to toggle between offline and online mode.

NOTE: you may have to open the message and send it again

– Is your device connected to the Internet?

If you aren’t connected to the Internet, outlook won’t be able to send your message.

1. Open your Internet browser, Such As Chrome, Firefox, or Edge.

2. Try opening any website (for Example

3. if you can’t open the website, then call your Network Administrator to troubleshoot your connectivity.

– Is your message contains large attachments?

If you’re sending a message with a large attachment (for example, 35MB for WorldPosta Users), some Email providers won’t let you send a message with an attachment larger than a certain size; large attachments can make your message unable to be sent. (And any messages sent after the message with the large attachment).

How to solve this issue?

1. Go to Outbox (in the folders panel, in the left the Outlook window).

2. If you find a message with a large attachment, delete the attachment and try to attach a smaller one.

3. Try sending the message again.

If this doesn’t solve your issue, see next,

– Did you change your password recently?

If you have changes your website recently (in WorldPosta Webmail OWA), you will have to change it in Outlook too.

How to solve this issue?

1. Click on File > Account Settings > Account Settings.

2. On the E-mail tab, select your email account, then select Change.

3. Type the new password in the Password field, then click Next > Close > Finish.

NOTE: Once you change your password, you may need to open Outbox and send the message again.

– Check your antivirus

Your antivirus may prevent Outlook from sending a message, may your attachment contains a virus or a harmful program.

How to solve this issue?

Contact your Antivirus support or your helpdesk.

Try starting Outlook in safe mode.

Sometimes, your outlook add-ins may crash, and it may prevent your message from sending.

Try using Outlook without add-ins by starting Outlook in the safe mode.

How to do this?

1. Click the Windows start menu.

2. In the search box, type outlook.exe /safe, then press Enter.


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